Privacy Policy

 Net Healthclaim Services Web Privacy Statement

Net Healthclaim Services has a strong commitment to confidentiality to keep your information safe and protected. We comply with all National and International rules associated with Safe Harbor laws developed by the U S Department of Commerce and will not divulge Personal Information as a result of our relationship with you.

Information we collect and how we use it

We collect personal and non-personal information. We collect personal information primarily for screening purposes, to be able to identify the individual who is accessing our site to allow access to certain of our databases. The personal information such as name, account number and providers name is used to access information from our data bases to assist in performing certain functions and transactions. We may also use personal information to develop specific programs and features that would be beneficial to the individual customers need. Many of our customers have specific requirements that we try to fulfill. However, we will not share, sell or trade personal information of our customers for use in any business.

Data Sharing and Transfer

Our business partners have access to many databases and have signed agreements to never divulge personal information from our clients for any purpose. They have access to these databases to be able to perform certain contractual functions. We do, however, reserve the right to grant access to government authorities where required by law.



A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a local computer. It is primarily used for record-keeping purposes.  We use different kinds of cookies that are used to facilitate the navigation of our site. There are some cookies that remain embedded on your local computer but can be removed at any time.

Log Files

We store some information we gather in log files. These files include date and time stamp information, Internet protocol addresses, Internet service providers, and other identifying characteristics that will help NHS with our record-keeping logs.

This information is not considered personal identifying information, but we keep it to help identify certain trends and areas of activity.

Links to other sites

We reserve the right to place links to other sites on our web site. We do this to assist our users in finding additional services and products we deem useful. We are not responsible for the actions of the other sites, so please be aware when you leave the NHS site. We are committed to you and the privacy of your personal information. Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.