About Us

Net Healthclaim Services began in 1987. The focus was to transmit claims electronically to Insurance carriers. It was a daunting task to move the industry away from mailing paper claims and accept the realization of a more technologically advanced method for the provider to procure insurance payments.

We are proud that NHS was the first company in the State of California to successfully transmit electronic files that were accepted by Dental Carriers. From that point, it was a natural transition to move into Medical claims.

From inception, we have been on the cutting edge providing services to our business partners that assist in managing their operations as more efficient and effective models.

We have put together a team that has weathered many storms. As can be supposed, this environment is as dynamic as one can imagine. But with the changes, it is good to see stability. NHS has many of its original clients still on board transmitting after all these years. That can be a testament to the focus that management has of fulfilling the individual client's needs.

It is Net Healthclaim Service's mission statement " To offer our business partners state-of-the-art solutions, ways and means whereby they can transmit claims, monitor status, receive compensation, manage cash flows and to help more efficiently operate and maintain profitable business ventures."

Net Healthclaim Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EDI TECH, INC a California Corporation.